Acacia acuminata 'Raspberry Jam Wattle' 140mm

Native to WA, the Raspberry Jam Wattle is named after the strong aroma of raspberry jam from its cut wood. It’s also known Manjart, Munertor, Mungaitch or Mungat in Noongar. This tree had several uses in Aboriginal food and lifestyle, producing resin and seeds for tea and food, and hardwood for tools and weaponry.

Raspberry Jam Wattle flowers heavily in Spring, providing an aromatic display while attracting bees and native birds to the garden. Seed pods follow in the Summer, which can be harvested from the tree or collected off the ground.

A hardy tree preferring full sun to light part shade, in free draining soil. Tolerant of drought, salt and frosts, it makes an ideal windbreak, privacy screen, pollinator attractor, or ornamental tree. Like most Acacia species, Raspberry Jam Wattle is a nitrogen fixer, effectively ‘sucking’ nitrogen from the air and installing it in the soil around its roots.

Frost Tolerance
Size  H:  5m      W: 3m
Plant Type Small Tree  Large Shrub