Australian Superfoods Co. Native Culinary Extracts

Aniseed Myrtle Natural Extract 50mlWith its strong liquorice scent, Aniseed Myrtle is by no means shy. It has a subtle sweet liquorice flavour enhanced by an aniseed menthol aroma. This extract is ideal for using in dressings, marinades, cocktails, savoury dishes or desserts.

Kakadu Plum Extract 50ml - A nutritionally powerful fruit with high antioxidant properties, Davidson Plum’s aroma evokes rosella jam and stewed rhubarb, while its flavour is a delightful balance of tart and sweet with intense fruity overtones. It is a great addition to desserts, smoothies, homemade jams and sauces or simply as a natural food colourant.

Finger Lime Extract 50mlFinger Lime delivers a wonderful citrusy taste with a hint of astringency and bitterness. This is zest in a bottle and packs a nutritional punch! The finger lime grows on a rare rainforest tree and has been used as a valuable source of food and medicine by Indigenous people for thousands of years. Add a teaspoon of this extract to your cocktails or morning smoothie for an uber-refreshing drink, or watch it go down a treat in your dressings, sauces and jams!

Kakadu Plum Extract 50ml- The star of Australia’s superfoods and known as “The Gift of Dreamtime”, the Kakadu Plum provides a tart burst with the aroma of stewed apples and pears. This native fruit boasts the highest recorded levels of Vitamin C of any fruit in the world making it an antioxidant supremo! A little goes a long way, so just add one teaspoon to your morning smoothie, sauces, spreads or desserts!

Lemon Myrtle Extract 50mlWith a refreshing lemon menthol aroma, Lemon Myrtle tantalises with its intense sweet lemon flavour. It is brimming with antioxidants and is considered the “Queen” of lemon herbs. Whether it’s roast chicken, dessert, sauces or tea, one teaspoon of this extract will provide a sweet and refreshing flavour to any dish!

Riberry Natural Extract 50mlA complex appealing flavour that resembles sweet, spiced tea with touches of musk and bush honey. Although prized as a delicious sweet treat by Aboriginal children, the Riberry was known as the ‘medicine berry’’ among Indigenous people across the East Coast, hinterland and forest regions where it was used to fight colds and promote health. One teaspoon of our all natural Riberry Extract will not only add an exotic edge to your cooking, but will provide a nutrient boost too. It is superb in baked treats, ice cream, desserts, drinks, dressings and savoury dish

Rosella Natural Extract 50mlRosella flowers are bright red with a unique tart flavour, reminiscent of rhubarb. Common throughout parts of Queensland and northern Australia, Rosellas were not originally native to Australia, rather introduced thousands of years ago from Africa. Nonetheless, they were utilised by Indigenous Australians for generations as a form of nourishment and medicine, given their high antioxidant properties.

Strawberry Gum Natural Extract 50mlBursting with fruitiness, Strawberry Gum is sweet and slightly acidic like Balsamic Vinegar. Its fruity undertones have shades of cinnamon, strawberry and passionfruit. Add it to your desserts, chutneys or cocktails for a sweet berry flavour that you won’t be able to resist.


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